YuChong's Reflections

Day 1, Monday, 6 June 2011,

Today I have learned a lot. A lot about the content that the professors have talked about in the plenary sessions, more about NTU, and ultimately had fun today, with my friends and the student leaders. I realise that a lot of work has really been put into planning camp.

From the first plenary session, “Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean”, I have learned that while water is important in our lives, it can also harm us if it has the wrong ingredients. Water, energy and the economy are inter-linked, as water is the base of life. Yet, growing economies will cause this water to be gone. Some facts and figures that I have gained from the session:
1.1 billion people have no access to drinking water
2.4 billion have inadequate sanitation
3.4 million die from water borne diseases
2 million more are at risk of dying from these diseases.

Asia is projected to be the largest growth in the world in terms of sanitation development. I have realised that what I thought was for those low skilled workers have become something that scientists are researching and investing a lot of money into, and is a career option with prospect. But, I do not feel that I will be taking up this career due to a lack of interest.

From the second session, “Revolution of Microelectronics Technology”, I have learned a lot more about Integrated Circuits and their uses and applications in the world today. I have also learned a lot about some of the technologies that are being explored like the chip implantation in the brain, mainly for communication. It is a very interesting career with a lot of room to grow.

From the third session, “Biomedical Engineering & Technology”, I have learned a lot about how technology can be used in biology to improve the health and well being of the user. From nano technology, where I learn that it already exists a long time in nature, like in a shark’s tooth, and the fact that a smaller size for a fixed volume = larger surface area. In the same umbrella, the professor has also spoken about defense technology and biotechnology, where the technology does not just have to function, but also be compatible with the body. Also a career with prospect, and something that I have some interest in.

From the fourth session, “IT for Animation”, I learned a few things, like the traditional way of animation, the different kind of lighting produces different effects, but largely, I roughly already know what it is about since I have animated before.

From the fifth session, “Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think”, I have learned many things. It taught me sea level rise is not just because the temperature has caused the glaciers to melt, that expansion of water also plays a part. I also have a new perspective of gravity and have learned that it too causes sea level rise.

The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is the fifth session, “Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think”.
What I like about it is because the lecturer is engaging, and that I understand the content. It also presents something new to me that I can easily understand.

-- Lee YuChong

Day 2, Tuesday, 7 June 2011,
I chose this project because I wanted an exposure and an experience in the electronics area, so I can get an idea of what I will be working with if I select fundamentals of electronics next year as an applied subject. I was originally interested in the field, but wanted to see how a class would be like before I make the decision.

I am just a member of the group in my group, and help out wherever I can. I have been managing the blog, by doing things like editing the template and making the pages.

In my project, I feel that the challenges my group faced was mainly in wiring the circuit, and making the circuit work for the challenge. With a bit of consultation, and thinking out of the box, we finally got the solution for the challenge and got a working circuit.

Through this project, I have discovered that I personally feel that fundamentals of electronics, while may be fun, may not be what I want to do. We discovered that there are people who understand such mechanics much better than others, and therefore some people found areas in which they are more comfortable with.

As an individual, I have benefitted from this program by learning more about myself, whether I like the course, but definitely, I learned more about electrical engineering that may help me in the future by providing me with background information.

My aspirations for myself is a future in technology, but not in electrical engineering. This lesson was interesting, but, I feel that it has, and has not made me interested in electrical engineering. Yes in the way that it has opened my eyes to the world of electrical engineering, and the subject is much more than batteries, light bulbs, and wires. It involves much more thought behind it like transistors, resistors. No, in the way that I realise that I feel is very technical, and feel that it is not that suited for me. Even though the lesson was interesting, I feel that I have more interest in other fields.

--Lee YuChong